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Thoughts On Web 2.0

Much of this post / rant (however you wish to view it, and trust me you will formulate some sort of a view on this entire issue when you get to the end of the article) is based on Elliot Jay Stocks presentation that he made at the Future of Web Design 2007 titled Destroying the Web 2.0 look. I was fortunate enough to catch the presentation and I was so happy that Elliot had the courage to stand...

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About The Sushimonstr Design

I can’t believe that this blog has finally launched! It’s been a whirlwind couple of months juggling work and in my off time working on both Laughing Rhino (the company I freelance under & where my portfolio lives) and this site. It has been hectic! The naive me always thought that designing and coding a blog would be something easy to do. Boy was I wrong! There was so much thought that went into...

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