Sam Brown On Search Engine Optimization

Sam Brown has chimed in on the never ending debate that people have on search engine optimization (SEO). Everyday, I hear people say that they want their sites optimized so they appear on Google’s search results so that their product / service gets recognized by people that search for products / services that fall under their keywords. It should be noted that Sam is getting at black hat tricks and petty things like filling up your links with keywords, etc.. Simple things like page titles, keywords and description meta tags should just be part of coding up a website. If you’re not doing that, start doing it!

Sam has a very good perspective that no one ever stops to consider. Why not stop bitching about not being no.1 on Google and instead focus on improving yourself, your site or you product?

It really comes down to common sense. Build a great product, offer a great service and people will come. Check out the article here


Travis Neilson said on July 21, 2009

Here Here, I have run into a few SEO Gurus myself and am less than never impressed with the hack job they tend to do. I don’t think any of the largest and most profitable sites became that way because their page title contained every keyword possible.

Alexander Bickov said on July 24, 2009

Thanks for recommends. This information I’ll use for my current project

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