Introducing Laughing Rhino

I have been helping people with technology related stuff be it computer trouble, school or university work, web design and web development advice ever since I was in university. I was always very happy to oblige and loved to explain ideas and concepts to people in plain english to help them better understand the problem at hand and thus aiding them in achieving their goals.

Since I started working, I had been receiving requests for contract work to create web designs or themes from many people, the bulk of it via referrals. In the first year of working, I had to decline those requests with a very heavy heart and refer them to other people because work was just too demanding and I didn’t want to risk burn out.

That all changed when I left my last job. I decided to go down the independent track and offer my services to people who needed help in my area of expertise. After some careful consideration I took the “plunge” and registered my company, operating as an independent sole trader. Starting a company is no trivial matter and seeing as how this was going to be my revenue stream for the next couple of months, I took the entire process very seriously. I wanted to offer a service that encapsulated my creativity and made me feel happy about what I was doing. One thing that I was lacking however was a name. Being a creative and the service that I was offering of a creative nature, I wanted the name had to be catchy, creative and unique. I spent a couple of days throwing around a bunch of ideas together but no of them clicked. A couple of days later whilst reading a book, it just came to me: Laughing Rhino! Just like that, out of the blue. Its was one of those moments when something just clicks and you know that its right.

So in January 2009, Laughing Rhino was born and my services were available for hire. If you know of anyone who is looking for a website or a designer, or if you are a company that is looking to take on board a permanent web designer please get in touch or you can email me through this site by going here.


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