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Start Using CSS3 Today!

Smashing Magazine has a relatively new article that dissects some of the CSS3 techniques that are available at our disposal and provides examples of sites in the wild that are taking advantage of these techniques to create a rich and compelling user experience.

The article is great and this is what the Web needs. However the comments (SM comments are like YouTube comments if you get my drift) are rather unnerving to say the least. People fail to realize of principles such as progressive enhancement and that Internet Explorer 6 is not the standard to design against. The Web is moving forward, albeit not at breakneck speed but at a speed that is alarming enough for us to be worried. If we do not learn new techniques, we will be left behind.

Andy Clarke has posted his two cents on this issue.

Read the article here and be sure to read Andy’s thoughts as well.

Combining FF Matrix, LG Live Look & Img Sizer

This is absolutely why I love ExpressionEngine. AJ Penninga has put up a video of how he has combined Brendan Kelly’s FF_Matrix, Leevi Graham’s LG Live Look and Lumis’ Img Sizer to provide his clients with an easy to use publish page that allows them to add pictures and float them nicely with their content.

Check out the video here. I will definitely be using this technique in my next project.

Elliot Jay Stocks Is In The Building

Yep, that’s right people, he is back and this time with a spanking new design. This design is chock full of CSS3 enhancements, web font embedding and of course follows progressive enhancement principles. Great work mate, and as usual best viewed in Safari 4.

Sometimes I wonder, the world would be a better place if there was only one browser (Safari). Get your fix.

The doctor is now seeing patients

HTML 5 is the new hotness for sure. So hot that it seems to have caused a fever! There are even reports of people with head injuries as a result of banging their heads against walls and other hard objects trying to make sense of the well written but easily misinterpreted HTML5 working draft spec. Not to worry boys and girls, there is a doctor in town and his team of capable surgeons are dispensing medicine for the aforementioned ailments.

So be quick and book your appointment with the HTML5 Doctor and get cured.

Liza Pro, A New Oh So Sexy Font

There’s a new petite, sexy font in town and its called Liza Pro. Designed by Underware which is from what I can gather a type studio in the Netherlands. The have a few other fonts available for sale, one that stood out was Bello

Well worth the money. Go get your Liza on!

Sam Brown On Search Engine Optimization

Sam Brown has chimed in on the never ending debate that people have on search engine optimization (SEO). Everyday, I hear people say that they want their sites optimized so they appear on Google’s search results so that their product / service gets recognized by people that search for products / services that fall under their keywords. It should be noted that Sam is getting at black hat tricks and petty things like filling up your links with keywords, etc.. Simple things like page titles, keywords and description meta tags should just be part of coding up a website. If you’re not doing that, start doing it!

Sam has a very good perspective that no one ever stops to consider. Why not stop bitching about not being no.1 on Google and instead focus on improving yourself, your site or you product?

It really comes down to common sense. Build a great product, offer a great service and people will come. Check out the article here

Cindy Li on Readiness & Freelancing

Cindy Li wrote a brilliant article on questions or rather areas that you should check before taking the plunge and working for yourself. There have been a multitude of articles published online about the questions that you need to ask yourself before you start out freelancing, but what makes this article stand out for me is the fact that this article touches on 2 very important points which are health and recommendations.

On Health

This is not the time to skimp. I know your sitting there thinking that your healthy, young and nothing will happen. Think again. If you could save the thousands of dollars to pay for it “if” you got ill. You would have already done so. If you are freelancing you can deduct it.
Go with a major insurance company. It’s easier and they will be less likely of denying your insurance claim vs a small company. When I was researching insurance companies I even figured out that a small time insurance company formed an independent contractor association so that they could scam money out of people. If it seems like too good of a deal it is.

On Recommendations

Take recommendations very seriously. Your colleagues and friends are putting their reputations on the line for you. Don’t make them regret it. Make them look better for it.

Wonderful piece of writing. Check out the full article.

Jason Santa Maria on Sketchbooks

Stan the man recently wrote about the value in keeping a sketchbook. He goes into the fact that many people love the idea of keeping a sketchbook but this same group of people don’t practice it at all. Why? The most popular response is “i can’t draw for shit” (not a direct quote from his article, but epitomizes the general response very well).

Here’s what Jason’s response to the above quote…

Sketchbooks are not about being a good artist, they are about being a good thinker.

Check out the full article and also visit the flickr group he set up in an effort to help people cultivate this habit.