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Cmon', cmon', drop it already!! Oh hello, I didn't see you there. A monstr's gotta eat and in my defense, it was feeding time. I normally like sushi, but anything raw is good. Where are my manners? Please forgive me. My name is Sushimonstr, the online alter ego of Terjin Dhillon and I run this website. He thinks he's in control, but really I am.

"What? Stop it..OK OK I'll tell em'". That was Brutus back there wanted me to tell you that he's part of the website as well. He's in charge of "crowd control". If you really want to meet him, visit me dressed up as a bad person. Anyway, back to me. Boy oh boy do we have a treat planned for you! Why? Well, because this is a land of fun, sweets and joy where there never is a dull moment. Okay, okay, now even I am convinced that it will not live up to that much hype at all.

"What was that Brutus?" "He's back? What do you mean he's back?" All right with all seriousness, this is just a personal website. Sorry about all of that. Sometimes when the big cat is out the monstr just gotta play! You know how it is right? Just sit back, relax, play some tunes, have a sip of coffee and enjoy your time here.

From The Soapbox

Using jQuery to get your type on

Just the other day, I was thinking that we use javascript for a plethora of things from adding interaction to pages right down to changing and detecting content based on a users browser. This allows us to target specific devices and tailor the content that...

Introducing Laughing Rhino

I have been helping people with technology related stuff be it computer trouble, school or university work, web design and web development advice ever since I was in university. I was always very happy to oblige and loved to explain ideas and concepts to...

Thoughts On Web 2.0

Much of this post / rant (however you wish to view it, and trust me you will formulate some sort of a view on this entire issue when you get to the end of the article) is based on Elliot Jay Stocks presentation that he made at the Future of Web Design 2007...

About The Sushimonstr Design

I can’t believe that this blog has finally launched! It’s been a whirlwind couple of months juggling work and in my off time working on both Laughing Rhino (the company I freelance under & where my portfolio lives) and this site. It has been hectic! The naive...

Diversions Elsewhere

Tim Van Damme Redesigns

Tim Van Damme is at it again. He has redesigned his blog and I think its truly wicked. The scrolling sidebar is a...

Quick Lowdown

Hi there! My name is TJ! I’m 26 year old web designer and developer living in Australia. This is my little space on the intertubes, where I get on my soapbox and voice my opinions and engage in healthy debate on various things, mostly web design related. I run my own web design business Laughing Rhino, however I am presently seeking permanent employment. If you have an offer, get in touch with me and I am sure we can work something out. Probe further...


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I am always looking for opportunities to connect with people be it for work or just to network with! Obviously, as you can see on the left, I am on Twitter. You can choose to follow me or if you would like something a little more direct, please use my contact form. Rest assured I will get back to you promptly. Alternatively, my online business card contains a list of networks that I am affiliated with if you wish to get in touch via those networks. The choice is yours.